I welcome anyone that has done business with me to give a truthful, detailed, and sincere account of my work and temperment. I would like to hear what you expect from a farrier and if I fulfilled your expectations. You may also post pictures of my work.

Thank you.

Quotes I bought a horse who had lovely feet and asked who had been maintaining them. I was given Shaina's name and luckily when I called, Shaina agreed to come all the way to Camp Verde to continue to maintain her feet. My mare is a very happy barefoot riding horse! While here, Shaina also gave a retired old horse a trim. That old horse used to rock constantly, he was so uncomfortable. Now he is happy, doesn't rock and runs and PLAYS when she is done with his feet. She continues to do a marvelous job on both horses. I am a VERY happy customer! Quotes
Sandy H.
Happy Customer

Quotes Here you go ! Your first testimonial. I really am excited about the progress made with Jackson. He was so sore bruised and abscessed. Nice to see that he is sound and prancing now.Bella loves you too Quotes
Lisa S
Jackson and Bella's Mom